Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Final Contract Premieres at Ultra Star Cinemas, November 14th – 17th

Five Talent Films Inc production of The Final Contract Premieres at Ultra Star Cinemas in Scottsdale, Az.

End Times movie marks 4th feature for Five Talent Films

Scottsdale, Arizona Sept. 1st, 2011 – Scottsdale based Christian movie ministry, Five Talent Films, wraps up another production with “The Final Contract. Production started in October of 2010 with some nice additions to their production crew. Joining Writer/Director Glenn Bertelsen (Remi Award Winner, 43rd Annual Houston World Fest for “My Angel”) are DP Randy Rohde, (Urban Truth Videos) Boom Operator, Sam Patton, Script Supervisor/Rehearsal, Ted Apostol, (Stage Director) Brian Butler, (Visual FX, ASU) and production grip, Art Cordova.

Five Talent Films (FTF) is renting out Luxury Theater, Ultra Star Cinemas largest auditorium (286) not for one night, but for our four night Premiere. Approximately 150 cast, crew and extras will show up for the Premiere. Friends and family will enjoy this “Not so futuristic movie about the end of the world”. Go to our web site at to read the full synopsis of The Final Contract.
Claire Perry is a not so typical teenager. She is one of the “gifted ones” that the Bible speaks of in the End Times. Her father, who passed away 10 years earlier, left her 10 letters warning her that the date, December 10th 2017 would somehow involve her. How did he know? He too was one of the “gifted ones”. In the last days, your older men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions…Jack had dreams, dreams about his daughter and an evil presence that she would have to face.

FTF will be submitting The Final Contract into International competition again at the 45th Annual Houston World Fest where Lucas, Lee, Cameron and Spielberg all received a Remi Award. Over 5000 entries are judged each year, with only 9% receiving recognition. . Also, this will be FTFs first time at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival and The Phoenix Christian Film Festival next year.
Finally, The Mis-Education of Joy. This is the title of our next movie. It is a story based on true events by Christian Author, Paul C. Agard. Paul and Glenn have formed a collaborative effort to turn Paul’s 237 page book into a 120 page screenplay. Not only did they succeed in about 6 months, but production on the movie begins in the spring of 2012. A SAG contract is also in the works. To learn more about “The Mis-Education of Joy” go to the home page and “enter the site” under the Mis-Education of Joy poster.